Amazon Reveals Echo Frames and Buds


Have you ever wanted to take Alexa with you on your day to day errands? Currently, she pretty much lives in multiple areas of our houses and assists us with multiple tasks. Now, new product Amazons released this Wednesday, will allow you to wear Alexa on your body. Echo Frames and Echo Buds made their appearance at the Alexa Event this week, showing off their simplistic yet functional design.

At first glance, the black glasses look like any ordinary pair of glasses. Until further inspection, one can spot a battery and speaker system on the side of the glasses. The small battery is reported to last at least 3 hours of audio playback. While the glasses don’t have a futuristic display or camera, they do have Alexa capabilities.

The Echo Buds on the other hand are truly wireless earbuds that offer Bose noise cancelation and Alexa capabilities.

According to reports, the Echo Frames allow one to utilize Alexa, without lifting a finger. Additionally, the speakers located on the frame, spread sound directly to one’s ear without bothering those around you. This technology is nicknamed “Open Ear” and will prevent aggravating those around you. Even with the battery and speakers, the glasses weigh a mere 31 grams.

For those that wear prescription glasses, you will have the ability to order the Echo Frames with a custom prescription. Since the glasses don’t have an extreme amount of fancy features, the price isn’t too painful. Coming in at $180, you can become one with Alexa and always have an assistant by your side. Do be aware that the Echo Frames can only be purchased through invitation only.

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