Amelie Lens – Storm (Premiere)


For all you techno fans out there, we have something special today! Amelie Lens has released a track fresh off her forthcoming EP, Little Robot. The track is called ‘Storm‘. The complete four-track EP will officially release later this month on September 13th on her imprint Lenske Records.

Amelie Lens has proven her craftsmanship with each new release. This forthcoming EP comes after her iconic EP, Basiel.

Amelie Lens’ tracks are intricately hypnotizing and show how experimental and diverse her productions are in the techno realm. ‘Storm’ is no exception to this, as the track plays upon her signature sounds.

The tracklist for Little Robot EP is as follows:

A1: Helium
A2: Man Over Machine
B1: Little Robot
B2: Storm

The track carries a steady bassline, and is truly a real treat for techno fans near and far. Take a listen to the track for yourself, and let us know about your thoughts on the track in the comments below.

Amelie Lens – Storm (Premiere)

Keep up to date with Amelie Lens via her Twitter account, @AmelieLens.