Cocaine Bricks Wash Ashore As Dorian Passes FL Beaches


Looks like there will be plenty of bricks to spare when Florida coast residents start rebuilding following Hurricane Dorian. Although, these may not be the type of bricks you have in mind. Some very unexpected debris is washing up on Florida‘s beaches as the storm makes its way up the U.S.’s Atlantic coastline. Despite mandatory evacuations in the area some residents are still getting their beach time in. Reportedly, while patrolling on foot, an officer makes the shocking discovery of 12 cocaine bricks. This may not come as a surprise to some as studies show that warm weather seems to coincide with recreational drug use. Consequently, the storm is dropping the incoming supplies right onto Florida’s beaches.

Cocaine Bricks are washing up all over Florida beaches following storm surge from hurricane Dorian.
Melbourne Police are withholding the word partially shown here pending their investigation of the drug discoveries.

Seemingly, it’s quite literally raining cocaine bricks down in Florida right now. The NBC News report sourced for this article seems to illustrate this. In its story, they’re reporting a duffel bag with 15 kilos inside washing ashore in Cocoa Beach. Local authorities are surely on the job now so think twice before you book those flights to Florida. Apparently, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol already has many of the bricks in its possession. As a result, a heavy police presence is likely on its way to area beaches.

Although this news seems pretty comical, area victims and residents still don’t have much to laugh about. Recent reporting predicts the storm will make its way up the Atlantic coast hitting the Carolinas with near-record storm surges. Meteorologists say the storm could make landfall by Friday with potentially disastrous results. Certainly, our hearts go out to the victims and residents in affected areas. Go here to see how you can help the victims of hurricane Dorian.