Creamfields Parking Resulted In A Nightmare


Creamfields 2019 was a great festival overall. But to be honest, there are many aspects the organization must improve to join the list of the best EDM festivals in the world. Without any doubts, Creamfields Parking was one of them.

The line-up, the stages, (even with SHM fire into the screens) the shows and the festival ground were quite good but… They had problems with the water supply, having to reduce tap water points drastically and assistants having to wait around 1 hour to use them.

Despite this water issue, some Creamfields visitor faced a quite serious problem. There was vandalism in the parking lot. A few cars were completely dismantled. Some of them lost their wheels, sets or even some engine parts. The Sun released an article with impressive pictures and videos with the state of some vehicles. Creamfields Parking became a conflictive zone with smashed windows and trashed vans. This big issue was part of the negative aspects of this years edition. Imagine walking back to the car after a long weekend and finding your car salvaged into parts. Definitely an aspect that Creamfields should solve for next years edition.