[Event Review] Alesso Rocks Sold-out Brooklyn Mirage

Alesso Brooklyn

A night with Alesso is always a memorable one. With the harvest moon in the night sky, 10,000 New Yorkers danced the night away over the weekend. Alesso took over The Brooklyn Mirage, a club that has quickly changed the landscape of EDM in New York. The Swedish DJ played all of his classics and the crowd absolutely loved it. With stellar support from Black Cavier, Sumr Camp, and Niko The Kid, Brooklyn was in store for something special. Alesso has once again shown why his live sets are some of the best in the industry.

The Venue

The Brooklyn Mirage is a very unique club. A massive open-air venue is hard to come by in New York but this place is here for good. With shows running every weekend during the Summer, you can hear just about every EDM genre here. From Black Coffee to Kaskade to Fisher, this place has hosted an impressive list of big-name DJs.

First thing you see as you walk in is the newly updated food court. Food trucks also line the outside of the club till 4 AM. A spacious dance space takes center stage with bars on each side and the back. 360 video displays surround you and give you the immersive feeling of a festival.

The great option of the Mirage is if the crowd is too much, you can simply walk up various stairwells to get a birds-eye view. Fire ejects from the top of the stage and when its a special night, so do fireworks. This place has it all for me and is why I return multiple times throughout each Summer.

The Support

The lineup was a grand one around Alesso. Niko The Kid got the party going with a few of his big tracks including ‘Pinata.’ Sumr Camp took over after and played his new track with Alesso ‘In The Middle.’ He kept the crowd going with ‘DANCE FLOOR’ too. Although it was a late time slot Black Cavier hit the decks after Alesso and the people were loving it. He came with lots of energy and played some big tracks like ‘What’s Up Danger.’


Alesso came out with fresh hits out of the gate. ‘TIME’ ringed around the Mirage as the crowd began to vibe hard. His sets are something special and you really have to experience one if you haven’t. They are the perfect mix of modern dance music with classics that take you back in time. His new music like ‘PROGRESSO’ and ‘Remedy’ has attracted a new audience while his old fans are there for the memories.

As the set progressed the music only got better. EDM hits like ‘Under Control’ and ‘Heroes’ got everyone singing. With about two hours of set time, Alesso gave his fans everything they wanted and more. Magnificent mashups including ‘Calling’ vs. ‘City Of Dreams‘ sent chills down everyone’s spines.

Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end. No one ends a set like Alesso. He closed everything off with a remix of his own track ‘I Wanna Know.’ Then followed that up with a mashup of ‘Apologize.’ The lights went dark and the crowd chanted “one more song!” You knew he wasn’t done yet and in the background, one of the greatest tracks rocked the Mirage one last time. Everyone lost themselves that night and made it one to remember forever.

Alesso Brooklyn
Photo credit to: Chris Lavado @chrislavado

Concluding Thoughts

As I have said multiple times this man produces shows like no other. Say what you want about him producing more pop-EDM these days but when it comes to his live sets they are something special. And from his recent releases, it seems he is making a turn for his old progressive self once again. He is still on tour and I encourage you heavily to go to one if you can. His team does a superb job with visuals and lighting. Till next time Alesso, you were fantastico.