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Facebook was Testing a New Feature During Tomorrowland

In any type of business, particularly in the social media market, if you don’t evolve and innovate, you have the potential to disappear. Facebook seems very aware of the importance of innovation, and is consistently developing new features to evolve the platform. More specifically, a new feature related to artists is in development. Like any new feature, it needs to be tested. The new feature is known as “Collaborative Stories for Public Figures“, and was tested at Tomorrowland 2019.

Like you may guess from the name, this new way of sharing stories will make it possible to post collaborative stories from the same event to many users at the same time. According to Facebook, this will allow the users to boost the number of viewers of their stories. At Tomorrowland, 20 artists were involved. Together, these artists have more than 73M combined followers.

The data from this test run was very impressive. The Chainsmokers, for example, had 92% of their story views coming from users who were not following them. Martin Solveig, who was also one of the 20 artists, had a 97% result. As for Jax Jones, 99% of viewers of his stories were users who did not already follow him on Facebook.

“Fans were able to see a range of perspectives from the festival and discover new artists. As a result, participating artists saw significant viewership of their story content come from new audiences.”


Facebook is still testing more new features to improve its service and conquer new markets. The firm launched lately its Facebook dating feature and will probably be launching some more. You can check out here all the new features related to public figures.

What are your thoughts on this new Facebook feature?

Mohammed Bakhtaoui
Mohammed Bakhtaoui
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