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Henry Fong Releases New Smasher ‘Rave Tool’

Henry Fong is no stranger to making high energy tracks. In recent memory, he released absolute bangers like ‘Irie‘ with Rawtek and ‘Pica‘ with Deorro and Elvis Crespo. Today, he’s back with a heavy-hitting, fast-paced smasher, ‘Rave Tool‘. This record already has major support from the likes of Skrillex (video down below), Flosstradamus, and The Chainsmokers. It sees its release on the legendary Skink Records.

Skrillex dropping ‘Rave Tool’ by Henry Fong

This track is nothing short of a mainstage smasher. It combines elements of hardstyle and house to create a high octane speed house tune. At first, you can hear a classic house drum pattern in the intro. Then, it transitions into rave-y stabs. The melody is accompanied by a hype vocal and a drum n’ bass break in the background. This transitions into the speedy drop that features a hardstyle screech as the lead. The drop shows versatility as it starts at 150 BPM, switches into half time, then goes back to 150. The tempo switches are a testament to Henry Fong’s ability as an established producer.

Henry gave a little insight to the story of this track when he stated: “I actually made the song the day Keith from Prodigy died. I went in the studio and had the intention of creating something using really ravey sounds inspired by Prodigy.

To sum up, ‘Rave Tool‘ is a breath of fresh air in terms of blurring the line between genres. It has a little bit of everything while still being whole and in its own lane. You can check out Henry Fong’s newest record here or down below now. Let us know what you think of ‘Rave Tool‘.

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