Knife Party Announce Halloween Lost Souls Tour


Just a few months after the release of their latest EP, Knife Party is embarking on their Lost Souls tour for Halloween. Since the release, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen were set to focus on their Pendulum work that they recently began showcasing. While new music is down the pipeline, they performed their Trinity show at South West Four replacing The Prodigy. Putting that to the side, the Knife Party guys will be performing 7 shows late October heading into November.

Taking their 4-track EP on the road, you can surely expect to hear tracks off ‘Lost Souls’. With that and their discography, they shows will surely be as great as ever considering the standard they’ve set for themselves with past events. The tour will be kicking off in Atlanta taking itself towards the end destination at Boston.

Marking days centered around Halloween, take yourself a ride on their ‘Ghost Train‘ and see where it takes you.

You can buy your tickets to Knife Party’s upcoming Lost Souls tour this Halloween here. Get your tickets while you can as it might take them a while to get back on the road with this project. Since they’re likely focusing on Pendulum at the moment, don’t miss your opportunity to see them while you can. Prepare for it by listening to their most recent body of work below!

Knife Party – Lost Souls EP