Martin Garrix Got Stung in His Throat at Beachclub, Yet Kept Performing


For the past few months, Martin Garrix has reinforced why he is a force to be reckoned with! Despite being injured, the Dutch DJ has pushed through the pain to live up to his fans wildest expectations and has continued to let his passion for dance music shine through.

On Monday, September 2, 2019, the admirable musician has once again lived up to his name. Garrix was billed to perform at Montreal’s Beachclub to close off the season, however, ten minutes into his set, things quickly took a turn for the worse…

During the ‘High On Life‘ artist’s performance, a wasp entered his mouth and stung him. As a true professional, he continued to play, but the bee’s sting was too painful to ignore…

After quickly stepping off of the stage to see a nurse, the undeniable champion came back on the stage to explain what had happened. To the sold-out crowd’s amazement, Garrix not only continued to play his set but played an additional 30 minutes longer than anticipated.

“The story is just incredible…this is Martin Garrix back on stage after he got stung directly in the mouth by a bee”, Olivier Primeau, the owner of Beachclub, stated. He said to me, “F*uck bro – I’m going back; it’s too extraordinary here not to!”

We hear stories about the hardest working entertainers in the industry, but truly, there’s no one like Garrix! We believe he deserves an award for his impressive perseverance that he not only showed today but over the course of his career. Just, wow.

Furthermore, we would like to wish a speedy recovery to the talented producer and encourage our readers to extend their wishes via Garrix’s official social media channels. We can only imagine how much that would have hurt!