Mexico Gets Lifted Higher By ASOT 900


Last weekend, one of the biggest trance events took over Mexico City. A State of Trance celebrated yet another edition with some of the biggest names in the trance industry. ASOT Mexico, curated by Dutch DJ/Producer Armin Van Buuren, brought in over 25,000 people to enjoy the purest melodies, strongest beats, and a sense of unification and happiness in what turned out to be one of the best events in Mexico this year.

Trance Takes Over Mexico

It all began last Saturday, when over 25,000 fans and 15 of the best Trance DJs took over Parque Bicentenario to dance and party for 8 hours. ASOT announced just a couple days before the festival that the festival was officially sold out. ASOT 900 contained 2 stages, the main stage and the ‘Road to 1000’ stage. A lineup full of some of the biggest names in trance such as Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, John Askew, and of course, Armin Van Buuren ignited the crowd and gave them one of the most memorable nights the EDM scene in Mexico has ever had.

Mexican Flag ASOT 900
“Lifting You Higher” was the motto for this edition. Without a doubt, Mexico was Lifted Higher

ASOT Begins

Since the beginning of the festival, big names such as Spencer Brown took the crowd into the full ASOT mood. Bringing in classics and brand new amazing tracks, including his brand new Deadmau5 remix, Spencer Brown helped get the public in the mood. Artists such as Mexican DJ/Producer Leo Reyes, American duo Elevven, and Ruben De Ronde would continue to help immerse the crowd as the sun came down, covering the festival with a golden aura and announcing the coming of a perfect night.

ASOT Sunset
A perfect sunset announced a magic night for the ASOT 900 attendants.

ASOT by Night

After a couple hours, the sun came down, and the night took over Parque Bicentenario. Legendary German duo Cosmic Gate took over the main stage to drop anthem after anthem. They would be joined by Luke Bond, Ashley Wallbridge, and legend Ferry Corsten, who introduced his project System F to Mexico City. Ben Gold took the stage as well. Armed with his new album Sound Advice: Chapter 2 the 26 years old completely owned the night.

Hula Hoop ASOT Performer
As the night took over the city, the crowd exhibited their own talents to become part of the show

The Boss Comes Up

Finally, at 10 pm, the man, the legend, and the ASOT founder made his stellar appearance. Armin Van Buuren took over the mainstage, surrounded by screams and ovations. He then proceeded to completely control the night, showing why he is considered one of the best, if not the best DJ of all time. ‘Revolution’, ‘Blah Blah Blah’, and ‘Great Spirit’ were just some of the tracks played in one of the best trance sets Van Buuren has delivered in Mexico City. After two hours filled with the purest essence of trance, Van Buuren surprised the crowd by dropping a hardstyle remix for ‘Blah Blah Blah’ and announcing he would be back in Mexico soon. Could we have our first EDC Mexico Headliner?

Considered the best DJ of all time by many, Armin Van Buuren took the main stage at ASOT 900 and did not disappoint.

The End

Even after Van Buuren’s set was over, there was still a lot of dancing at partying at ASOT 900. Marlo, Obie Fernandez & Lightform, and John Askew delivered amazing sets that kept the people moving, singing and dancing even after many of them looked tired and ready to go home.

Finally, the closing acts came up to the stage. The main stage was closed by Israeli DJ/Producer Whiteno1se, who delivered a set filled with all-time greats psy-trance mashups and a live performance by Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt. Meanwhile, on the Road to 1000 stage, Scottish DJ/Producer Will Atkinson dropped one of his famous “no genre” sets. With these performances, ASOT 900, Mexico City would come to an end. The crowd left the place smiling, singing and going over the memories of a crazy, beautiful, and amazing night.

A night to remember, ASOT lifted Mexico Higher

What We Learned

Undoubtedly, ASOT 900 left a mark in Mexico’s EDM industry. In a scene dominated by bass and house, trance was long due for a comeback. After Psy-trance took over the EDM industry, thousands were finally waiting for the definite trance comeback. Now, the comeback might finally be on sight.

A sold-out event, anywhere, at any time is always something to respect, and ASOT 900 being a sold-out event sends out a pretty clear message: Trance is back. Not only Psy-trance, but the most melodic genre in the whole EDM specter. Without a doubt, we will now be seeing the return of one of the biggest, oldest, and most important genres in the EDM industry.

Armin Van Buuren ASOT Mexico
Viva México!

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