New Streaming Platform To Pay Artists More Than Spotify


It’s hard to be a music artist. In fact, 79% of the revenue from a song doesn’t even go to the people who created it. So, for many in the music industry, the term “starving artist” hits a little too close to home.

The biggest culprit in all this is streaming sites like Spotify. To make the equivalent minimum wage on Spotify, a song would need to stream hundreds of thousands of times.

So an ambitious team of music lovers decided to make a change, and they founded Matter: a music streaming platform that pays artists 75% revenue for everything they make on the site.

Their goal is simple: put creators first.

In addition to streaming their songs, creators will be able to livestream, receive tips, and chat with their fanbase. And the layout is very similar to Spotify, so new users will find it very easy to browse and use the platform.

Currently Matter is still in development, but you can join the waitlist and learn more about the platform on their website: