Immersive PY1 Pyramid Coming to Miami This November


We’ve found one more attraction to add to your bucket list of must-see destinations. It may also act as an excuse to set some time aside to make your way to Miami. Guy Laliberté, the found of Cirque du Soleil, has announced he will bring his monumental PY1 pyramid to Miami. Laliberté initially opened the 8-story structure in Montreal this past May. Now, those in the surrounding Miami area will have a chance to witness this remarkable piece of technology.

What exactly is PY1? is it a nightclub or a family friendly museum? Amazingly, the pyramid was designed as a safe place for kids in the day and transform into a futuristic, roaring nightclub by night. The exterior and interior of the structure certainly look like something you’d see in Las Vegas. Speaking of the interior, the inside of the structure is packed with lasers, lights, and art. Who doesn’t like amazing visuals and music?

It’s reported that during the day, PY1 showcases two kid-friendly shows. The first one, “Through the Echoes”, demonstrates a timeline from the beginning of life to present day on earth. The second show is apparently unnamed, but also brings viewers back to the early stages of life on earth. Nonetheless, the immersive setting inside the pyramid ought to make for a breathtaking experience.

Once the sun goes down and children have left the pyramid, PY1 turns into a futuristic nightclub for those over 21. It’s reported that PY1 has seven different themes that completely transform the environment. Some of the past used themes include: Candy World, Underworld and ‘Taboo’ night. Guests are encouraged to dress for the theme for a more immersive experience.

PY1 is set to open November 29 at the Island Gardens. In terms of tickets, you will have to wait till October to purchase nightclub and family show event tickets. “Through the Echoes” tickets are already for sale and can be purchased here. Lastly, find more information about PY1 on their official website here!