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Somnium Sound Releases Experimental ‘Genesis’ EP

American produce and/DJ Somnium Sound has released his sophomore EP. The multi-genre, experimental EP is titled ‘Genesis‘. It’s a sonic journey through the mind of the artist, as he navigates nostalgic themes reminiscent of epic video game soundtracks of the past.

We’ll take a look at each of the tracks individually, but first – here’s the full tracklist:

  1. Somnium Sound – Genesis (Intro)
  2. Somnium Sound – MAIM
  3. Somnium Sound – Creation
  4. Somnium Sound – Pantheon of Plague
  5. Somnium Sound – I’ll Be Okay
Somnium Sound

1. Genesis (Intro)

First of all, ‘Genesis (Intro)‘ is a cinematic experience. It starts out very slow with symphonic instruments, only to raise the energy with a hard bass drop.


After that comes ‘MAIM‘. The nice thing about this EP is that it seamlessly flows into the next track, while still maintaining enough power for solo play. ‘Genesis’ flows into ‘MAIM‘ by having the outro and intro as the same sound. The soft sounds transition into a powerful dubstep drop that gives you a nasty bass face. The listener can hear influences from both riddim and dubstep that combine to make a unique track.

3. Creation

After that comes ‘Creation‘. This track takes the lead as the most experimental track on the EP. This record is highly experimental as it combines at least 5 genres. In ‘Creation‘, the listener will hear everything including dubstep, drum n bass, breaks, hardcore, and psy trance basslines. The first drop is a powerful dubstep anthem. After that, the second drop is high energy and pure speed. It goes into the range of 170 BPM for the hardcore-heads. Also, this is my personal favorite on the EP.

4. Pantheon of Plague

How do you follow a crazy, experimental track like ‘Creation‘? Somnium Sound brings it back to the traditional bass music with ‘Pantheon of Plague‘. This record is dirty and gritty. In addition to dirty drops, this record also has a beautiful, ethereal melody in between drops. It uses elements of future bass to create an atmosphere of peace all before taking the listener back to breaking their necks.

5. I’ll Be Okay

Finally, the EP ends with ‘I’ll Be Okay‘. This record uses future bass elements to create a melodic dubstep smasher with the first drop. The lyrics, although a little sad, are uplifting. This tune is another example of what makes this EP experimental. The second drop completely switches from melodic dubstep to a fast-paced drum n’ bass record.

To sum up, this record is a breath of fresh air for dance music. Not only does it include bass music, but many other genres as well. Whether it’s drawing elements from other genres or straight up mixing genres, Somnium Sound delivered an amazing set of records. In a world where almost all bass music sounds the same, it’s nice to hear a bass EP that isn’t all about the wubs and dirty drops. You can listen to this incredible EP here or down below.

Josue Paredes
Josue Paredes
My name's Josue Paredes. I love all genres of dance music, but more specifically, I have a heart for hard dance music. Full-time student at UCSB. Radio programmer for KCSB FM in Santa Barbara E-mail: paredes.josue17@gmail.com
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