Switzerland Set To End FM Broadcasting By 2024


Switzerland Will End FM Broadcasts by 2024

It is no secret that the technology of years past is on its way out. Some examples of obsolete tech are items such as the cassette tape, the VHS, and analog television broadcasts. It seems as though one other form of technology will also bite the dust soon, with the country of Switzerland leading the way. Bernard Maissen, who is the deputy director for Switzerland’s Federal Office of Communications tackled the subject in a recent OFCOM release. The release states that Switzerland will be phasing out FM Broadcasting by the year 2024.

It is noted that there has been a steady decline in the usage of FM broadcasting since the early 2010’s. All the while, digital radio broadcasting has increased in this same time span. This does not take streaming services into account. Due to this, Swiss broadcasters have already been planning to phase out their stations, as well as the jump to digital.

The OFCOM studies showed:

“Swiss listeners average 65 minutes of digital radio per day, out of 100 radio minutes. Digital radio access has increased by 16% in just three and a half years. VHF usage fell 16% in the same period, down from 51% to only 35%.”

The country is planning to phase out the VHF (very high frequency) broadcasting medium, which encompasses FM broadcasting transmission as well, in full, by the year 2024.


It is now plain to see why Switzerland will be switching over to the Digital Audio Broadcasting system, or DAB for short. It is odd that they would continue on with this, despite the fact that nearly half (49%) of all automobiles do not have access to such broadcast services. It will be interesting to see exactly how this affects Swiss drivers. In addition to this it will be neat to see if other countries follow suit. I know the saying goes that “video killed the radio star”, but in this case, I guess that digital will too.

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