Yotto Asks, ‘Is This Trance?’ With New Single on Odd One Out


Adding onto his Odd One Out repertoire, Yotto titles his third single on the imprint with a question; ‘Is This Trance?‘ With the track’s release, he continues to add onto the galactic zoo which began with the previous two releases. On that note, the new release takes a different path over what ‘Shifter‘ and ‘Nova‘ offered. On that, the resident jokester commented,

“Odd One Out requires me to sometimes release records that are a bit…odd. So after the first two releases I decided it’s time to unleash a hint of Gouda. The track asks ”Is This Trance?” and is fuelled by some gargantuan bouncy saw riffs that I picked up from my 13-year old brain which at the time was listening to Southside Spinners and Gatecrasher compilations. Slightly slower and more mature, like some of my favourite cheeses are, this is quite close to musical Gorgonzola with some hedonistic grapes.” 

Yotto’s ‘Is This Trance?’ unveiled earlier when it was played out on his mix for KCRW‘s Metropolis. With an earlier play, fans were picking up on its early cut, and now we get to hear it in full.

Since announcing the launch of his label, Yotto had plans to embark on the Odd One Out tour. Kicking off, the single coincides with the unveiling of his new production in Vancouver. To catch him on any of his tour stops or check the schedule, you can find information here.

Listen to Yotto’s ‘Is This Trance?’ on Odd One Out below!