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1001 Tracklists Unveil Their 2019’s “Top 101 Producers” List

As we get close to this year’s ending, people find themselves recalling the things that went down in 2019. Music, whether we like to admit it or not, is a business, and as such, successes and failures can be measured. One of the common ways we see this in the music realm is through lists or rankings. Aside from the DJ Mag, Reddit and Billboard lists, there’s another list that has been garnering more and more attention over the years. This is the 1001Tracklists Top 101 Producers list.

According to the website, “This ranking reflects the cumulative amount of unique DJ support for tracks played from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019.”

The Producers List

As one of the most recognized websites and probably the best to search for the hottest music in the scene right now, 1001Tracklists returns with their new list. The 1001Tracklists Top 101 Producers 2019 features the artists whose tracks were most supported by other DJs in 2019. While some news might be a surprise, others are certainly not. On top of the list, we can find French Producer/DJ legend, David Guetta. While Guetta might not be the top DJ in the world anymore, he’s certainly built an amazing fanbase with a combination of his old and new tracks. Timeless classics and new bangers helped the producer become the most supported artist of 2019.

David Guetta took the top spot at the 1001Tracklists list
David Guetta

In the second and third spots, we can find Dutch DJ/Producer Tiësto and American DJ/Producer Skrillex. Fisher and DJ Snake also make an appearance in the top 20, representing the Latin and G-House sub-genres, which are some of the biggest movements in EDM right now.

Holland Is King

Once again, we find the country of Holland taking over the list. 7 of the DJs inside the top 20 come from this country. Along with Tiësto, Don Diablo, Armin Van Buuren, Steff Da Campo, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, and Mr. Sid make an appearance inside this list. It is clear Holland intends to remain the EDM king.

Ups and Downs

This year, the award for DJ who climbed the most spots goes to Holland DJ Jack Wins, who managed to climb 62 spots. On the other side, Luca Bonaire, also from the same country managed to drop 83 spots.

As this list continues to grow, it’s amazing to contemplate how, while some DJs come and go, there are many elite DJs whose music has stood the test of time. These DJs know how to adapt to a market and stay relevant. It will be interesting to see how the list evolves, as we enter a new era in dance music.

Check the “Top 101 Producers Of 2019” here

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