AirPods Pro Coming October 30th with Noise Cancellation


Rumors have been circulating about the AirPods Pro for a while. The new model offers active noise cancellation and hands-free access to Siri for $249. Nevertheless, it is clear the new design will be pushing the limits once again. The Apple AirPods are one of Apples most successful products since launching in December 2016. With the second-generation model coming out in March of 2019, the world patiently waits to see what the AirPods Pro have to offer.

Features of the New AirPods Pro

Apple says the AirPods Pro offer “superior sound quality”. With the addition of a new feature audio called Adaptive EQ, the tool will “automatically tune” low and mid-range frequencies. Beyond extended battery life, the AirPods Pro will also have active noise cancellation (ANC). Analyzing the sound up to 200 times per second, two microphones on each earbud and software that continuously adjusts the level of ANC to your ear. One microphone looks at ambient noise, while the other faces inward.

Forbes is reporting many new exciting features for the new AirPods. Some features include noise isolation and an even better, sleeker design. Additionally, there will be at least 8 different colors offered. Apple and tech news correspondent Ben Geskin shared that he believes the AirPods Pro will go on sale next week. MacRumors also shared some exciting information:

“The new AirPods Pro may also be more water resistant than prior versions, and rumors indicate they’re going to cost somewhere around $260, which makes them quite a bit more expensive than the standard AirPods.”

The AirPods Pro will be released on October 30th for $249.