Aly & Fila Release Track List For Upcoming Album “It’s All About The Melody”


Over the last year, Aly & Fila have given us tiny glimpses into their forthcoming album, It’s All About The Melody. The Egyptian duo have already released some spectacular tracks from the highly anticipated album. They have even teasing fans with their unreleased music during their most recent sets. Let’s just say we are all giddy for whats to come.

Additionally, they finally released the name of one of their fan-favorite IDs. It is titled ‘Moonlit’, and Aly & Fila themselves refer to it as “massive”. This track is the 12th song on It’s All About The Melody. Check it out for yourself in the video down below.

This trance savvy duo are loved among their fan-base, and they stay true to their signature sound. They have thrown down at festivals all around globe. These festivals include EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Global Gathering and Stereosonic, to name a few. Additionally, they are regulars at some of the world’s most well-renowned clubs. With their vast experience at playing across these respected stages, this upcoming album is highly anticipated.

Its All About The Melody is set to release on November 25th, but you can pre-order the entire album here. Stay tuned for further coverage when the album drops!