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Apple Expected to Release AirPods Pro by Halloween

After achieving a successful launch of the iPhone 11, Apple may have one more product to reveal before the year is over. In fact, new rumors suggest this new product could release before Halloween! Earlier this year, Apple released a refreshed AirPods model featuring wireless charging. Now, the tech giant is rumored to release a “Pro” model of the wireless headphones.

At the moment, Apple has the iPhone 11 Pro, iPad Pro, and MacBook Pro. Recently, they’ve been including more “Pro” models of their products to customers. With the “Pro” addition, customers can expect “Pro” features at a higher price. Consequently, the AirPods Pro are expected to be more expensive than the second-gen AirPods. New reports from China Economic Daily suggest the AirPods Pro could go for around $260.

According to, “The AirPods Pro will be something of a Beats Pro and AirPods hybrid. The body design will be somewhat reminiscent of the current AirPods, but with silicone tips that fit more tightly into the ears.

With the higher price tag, there are some more advanced features to look forward to. First, reports show that the AirPods Pro will feature noise cancellation technology. Other rumors say they may actually be made from a different material, like metal. It’ll be interesting if they fit more snuggly for users that struggle with current AirPods in their ears.

Launching new AirPods this year would give Apple a great product for holiday shoppers. In addition, they would compete directly with those releasing their own wireless headphone models. Amazon and Google are expected to release new wireless headphones, both expected to be cheaper than $260. Which headphones would you buy?

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