Electric Forest Plans Expansions for 2020 & Beyond


Many are still feeling the euphoria from 2019’s successful Electric Forest Festival! However, this week news began circulating the internet world about the festival’s 2020 plans.

Rothbury’s Village Council met October 22nd to discuss EF among other topics. The meeting began by discussing EF and the positive impact that Madison House Presents has locally (revenue, food pantries, music programs, more).

Other topics include some proposed changes for the 19th anniversary of the festival. Sources have confirmed that of three new changes coming for the next year: Early Arrival will be available as early as Tuesday, music (from official stages) will be allowed until 4AM (2AM on Friday and Saturday, earlier the other nights), and a 10-year extension for the festival at the current location. We are still awaiting the official meeting minutes for confirmation of these details.

Attendees near and far seem to have mixed opinions on the changes. The most frequently said, aside from “returning home” and having more time in the best place in the world, is that 6 days is hard on the body and the grounds. Some are concerned about the price of the tickets and all the added costs for passes and supplies. A few suggested spending more effort into securing a perfect lineup that combines both original artists of EF and new. Lastly, many are concerned about parking and setting up camp. EF is a marathon and being camped in corners of the grounds sometimes hinders the experience for some. (Also, spend those PTO days wisely if they apply to you).

Props to Rothbury, Madison House, the Village for coming together to peacefully talk about the future of one of the most loved festivals in the world. HAPPY FOREST!