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Estiva Releases Second Album – Metamorphoses

Dutch trance prodigy and Armada heavyweight Estiva (Steven Baan) has released his new album, Metamorphoses. He is known for being one of the flag-bearers of the dreamy progressive genre for quite sometime now. The man from the Dutch town of Reuwijk has further enhanced his reputation towards the regard with his second career album.

Metamorphoses is made up of 13 tracks:

1. Sirin
2. Perpetual
3. Icarus
4. Metamorphoses
5. Eclipse
6. Katana
7. Sequence
8. Trip
9. Carousel
10. Two Tigers
11. Morpho
12. Kosmos
13. Soma – Outro

Sirin, Perpetual, Icarus & Metamorphoses

The album opens with ‘Sirin’. Characterized by typical fog horns meandering along the groove, it effortlessly plays upon that sweet element of unpredictability of what to expect next. Perfectly orchestrated chords follow with the intervening mallets and provide an intensive craft in the form of ‘Perpetual’.

‘Icarus’ starts picking up the album tempo gradually with a haunting bass-line, a subtle note and a catchy blink as you miss the vocal sample. The title track, ‘Metamorphoses’ follows next with a twist to the story. This is a characteristic that Estiva has mastered over the years. He ensures monotony doesn’t creep in. A progressive key note strike coupled with a background pad that mesh effortlessly at the break with added stabs and snares, takes you by complete surprise.

Eclipse, Katana, Sequence & Trip

Just when you thought that the title track will define the future course of the album, another intense masterpiece emerges in the shape of ‘Eclipse’. The melodious piano roll that pans out leading to a perfect synchronization with the beats amounts to a lingering feeling. ‘Katana’ is dominated by a heavy bass defined body with harmonically aligned key strokes.

‘Sequence’ showcases Armada characteristics with enthralling trance dynamics coupling up with the punchy kicks. This combo appropriately sets the tone of the remaining album. Without tampering too much into the mood that has already been defined by now, Baan takes us into a powerful ‘Trip’ complete with heavy beats and slithering notes.

Carousel, Two Tigers, Morpho

A perfect intro marks the arrival of ‘Carousel’ characterized by a delayed beat sequence fused with a sliced riser. ‘Two Tigers’ virtually ascends the album at it’s peak with multiple elements shining through that makes it that progressive banger that can scorch any dance floor on the planet. The classic emotional trance embodied ‘Morpho’ is whipped up next that guarantees the chills.

Kosmos & Soma – Outro

‘Kosmos’ draws the album to a near finish with a shimmering pad structure and catchy low ends that has defined Estiva’s sounds over the years. As the name itself defines, ‘Soma Outro’ is a delight without the beats that closes the 13-track masterpiece effectively yearning for more.

Ultimately, Metamorphoses proves Estiva’s ability to deliver on a timely basis yet again. With a fan base sparring in numbers over a short period of time, these 13 marvels making up the album leave us wanting more from this talented artist.

With a production style that seems to stand the test of time, take a bow, Steven Baan! Stay tuned for more from Estiva.

Estiva – Metamorphoses

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