Flosstradamus is Taking A Break From Touring


There’s been rumors lately that the trap giant, Flosstradamus, was quitting music. However, today he set the record straight in a Facebook post.

First of all, the Flosstradamus project is not ending. “It’s not over, and never will be”. Curt, of Flosstradamus, explained in his post that the tour life has exhausted him. Not only is he constantly on the road, but he “keeps saying yes to shows and forget how to say yes to [himself]”. This is understandable, as many DJs go through the pressures of trying to keep up with tour life. Earlier this year, Flosstradamus even opened up about mental health experiences in a Q&A session. It makes sense that he wants to take some time to rest. That way, Flosstradamus can come back in full force after the break.

Fans don’t have anything to worry about though, because Curt will still be working on and releasing music, mixtapes, and apparel. In addition to that, Flosstradamus is having a few more shows before he takes his break. He’s making stops in Georgia, California, New York, and Illinois.

We hope nothing but the best for Curt and hope his fans do too. Sometimes being a DJ isn’t the glamorous life everybody makes it out to be. Breaks are necessary for artists to keep delivering the sounds and energy we love. Good luck, Flosstradamus. The HDYNATION will be waiting for the return. You can see the full announcement pictured below.

Flosstradamus taking a break announcement