Galantis & Dolly Parton – Faith ft. Mr. Probz


This new track called ‘Faith’ by Galantis, Mr. Probz, and the legendary and multi-talented Dolly Parton is now available. It is a boost of energy for your day with a positive message.

We told you to mark the date of release in your calendars, and it was for a reason. The essence of this track gathers Galantis’ traditional samples, a not very fast, but rich bassline, and Mr. Probz added value. It also contains Dolly Parton’s first approach to dance music. ‘Faith’ is a song that can change your mood as it is chill but fresh and positive.

This year is getting to its end and Galantis has had a great year so far. They have been releasing top tracks like the one with OneRepublic and Passion Pit called ‘Bones‘ or the collaboration with Yellow Claw.

However, collaborating with Dolly Parton might be their biggest feat yet. The legendary singer has yet to breach into dance music, but now has joined the EDM scene thanks to Galantis. This track was a fruitful collaboration that could happen again. Both artists felt comfortable producing this track so we hope that we can enjoy more songs from them.

Enjoy Galantis release ‘Faith’ here or in the video below.