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Gesaffelstein Drops Surprise EP, ‘NOVO SONIC SYSTEM’

The mysteriously enigmatic French producer Gesaffelstein, released his last much-awaited album back in March 2019. The album was titled ‘Hyperion‘ and was the first piece of music from the producer in 6 years. It also featured a massive tune with Pharrell Williams titled ‘Blast Off‘. Today, he’s back with a brand-new EP titled ‘NOVO SONIC SYSTEM‘ released on Columbia Records. This EP was a complete surprise with no promotion – just a heads up the day before release.

We’ll take a look at each track individually, but here’s the full tracklist followed by the minimalistic album art:

  1. Gesaffelstein – ORCK
  2. Gesaffelstein – DANCE X
  3. Gesaffelstein – IGNIO
  4. Gesaffelstein – DOOM
  5. Gesaffelstein – NOVO SONIC SYSTEM
  6. Gesaffelstein – METALOTRONICS

1. Gesaffelstein – ORCK

The EP opens up with ‘ORCK‘. This record strays away from the normal midtempo signature of Gesaffelstein. It starts off with a rising effect that speeds up until it hits the 170 BPM tempo. Once it hits that speed, a drum n’ bass break comes in to back it up. This seamlessly transitions into the drop with no buildup needed. The drop itself is a fast paced drum n’ bass smasher. Additionally, this is my personal favorite from the EP.

2. Gesaffelstein – DANCE X

After ‘ORCK’ comes ‘DANCE X‘. This record goes back to the midtempo vibe fans know and love. This tune needs no introduction, as it immediately starts into a drop. This is accompanied later by more drums and fills. The midtempo signature is heard all throughout the track as the drop never ends and continues until the song finishes.

3. Gesaffelstein – IGNIO

The third record on the EP is titled ‘IGNIO‘. Again, this one goes away from midtempo to deliver a speedy, drum n’ bass smasher. These different genres just go to show that Gesaffelstein can be successful in anything he makes. ‘IGNIO’ also goes straight into a drop with no intro. It maintains the high speed energy throughout the song’s entirety without hitting the brakes.

4. Gesaffelstein – DOOM

Gesaffelstein makes the switch back to midtempo again for ‘DOOM‘. It’s the shortest song of the EP coming in at just 1 minute and 49 seconds, continuing the theme of getting straight into a drop. However, it’s still a massive tune despite the length. It evokes a pump-up atmosphere with what sounds like an Indian chant in the background. The listener will feel like they’re in a movie when this song comes on.


NOVO SONIC SYSTEM‘ is the fifth song on the album and also the EP title. As you may assume – there’s a pattern here, clearly – it gets straight into the drop. No introduction needed, just straight energy. Throughout the song, Gesaffelstein adds in more sounds to accompany the drop. This one actually has a break in the small break in the middle where he adds in space-like sounds before getting back into the midtempo drop.


Finally, the last song on the EP is titled ‘METALOTRONICS‘. Gesaffelstein decided to end the EP with another drum n’ bass record. This track brings the EP full circle as it starts and ends with that signature DnB sound. It starts out with the lead melody and then a drum n’ bass break comes in to give the drop its full power. In between drops, there’s a little electric guitar solo that soon turns into drum n’ bass. As the title suggests, this record takes elements from metal music to deliver a hybrid drum n’ bass track.

All in all, ‘NOVO SONIC SYSTEM‘ is a highly experimental EP from Gesaffelstein. It’s clear that he wanted to show fans another side of his productions and he delivered. Seeing a new side of Gesaffelstein’s production is amazing. He added in new genres while still giving fans the sound he’s known for. Not to mention that the midtempo tracks are still very creative and fresh. All fans, old and new, will absolutely love this new EP. You can listen to ‘NOVO SONIC SYSTEM‘ right now here or down below.

Gesaffelstein – Novo Sonic System

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