Google’s New Pixel Buds Announced


Google’s new true wireless Pixel Buds are coming in hot! Google announced the new headphones at its Made by Google event in New York City earlier today. These are an update to original Pixel Buds, which originally came out in 2017. The new Pixel Buds not only give you instant access to Google Assistant, but last 10+ hours before needing a charge, and have improved sound quality for only at $179, available in Spring 2020. Watch out AirPods.


The new and improved Pixel Buds take on a different design. After scanning “thousands of ears”, Google is optimizing the headphones for comfort, quality, and a low-profile look. The headphones come with a new feature called “Adaptive Sound”, which automatically adjusts the volume as you move from different environments. From the Google blog:

Many of us turn to our phones constantly. On average, people check their smartphones almost 100 times a day, and more than half of those interactions—playing a song, setting a reminder or getting directions—are less than 30 seconds. Google Pixel Buds can help make those quick tasks easier and faster, with instant access to the Google Assistant. Plus, they’re comfortable and secure in your ear, deliver high-quality sound, make clear calls, and have a long battery life. 

Other Big Announcements from the Pixel Event

Other exciting updates from the Pixel event include the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, Nest WIFI Router, Nest Mini, Pixelbook Go, and a new cloud based-gaming platform called Stadia.

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL: beyond an improved camera, Google is now implementing a Soli radar chip, which enables gestures you can use without actually touching the phone. Many color options have been announced as well including white, black, and orange. Additionally, a new voice transcription capability has been unveiled. Preorders will ship on 10/24.

Nest WIFI Router and Nest Mini: doubling as a smart speaker, the Nest WIFI router is a new and improved version of Google Wifi, which is available starting 11/4. The Nest Mini starting at $49.99 is like a Google Home Mini, but with a fresh design.

Pixelbook Go: The Pixelbook Go takes on a new look from the flagship Chromebook with a rubberized bottom. Powerful as ever, this device is starting at a reasonable $649 running ChromeOS.

Stadia: The new gaming platform. The cloud gaming platform will launch on November 19th with little other information to share.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates regarding the Pixel event!