i_o Announces Release Date For Upcoming Three-Part Album

I_o album

Over the last couple of years, i_o has been making waves in the techno scene. The breakthrough artist has been working closely with renowned producer Deadmau5, whom i_o opened for at the Hollywood Palladium 5-night event featuring the Cube V3. Additionally, he has been releasing song after song on Deadmau5’s imprint mau5trap, but the next thing he has planned is his biggest move to date. The artist will be closing out the year with a new album, Project 444. The album announcement comes shortly after his latest EP House of God released this summer. However, there’s a twist: the album contains three parts, with each having their own release date.

Part one of the album, ACID 444, will reflect the producer’s warehouse roots and is scheduled to release November 22nd. It will consist of four songs: ‘RAVE 444’, ‘KILL PROCESS’, ‘REPLICATE’, and ‘SYSTEM ERROR’. You can catch a sneak peek of the songs on i_o’s social media, which has some humorous editing.

i_o has always been fond of using computer sound bites and visuals in his music, even in the way he communicates with his fans; ironically, when looking up the meaning of “444”, the angel number is a sign someone is trying to communicate with you. Looks like i_o is trying to communicate to his fans some of the best music he’s been making.

You can pre-save the album right now here.