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Kaskade Shares Near-Death Story About When His Plane Caught Fire

No matter the destination, traveling often results in some truly memorable moments. One of the best parts about exploring is looking back on the memories that were made and relive the adventures that occurred in the past. Recently, Kaskade took a look back on the first time that he went to Iceland. Trust us, you’re going to want to check this out…

Many of us have encountered some issues related to travel – however, Kaskade’s story about the first time that he went to Iceland is on an entirely new level. Recently, the American DJ revealed that the cabin in the airplane caught fire when he was on his way back home after completing a European tour. This caused the plane to make an emergency landing in Reykjavik.

As you can imagine, Kaskade’s life slowly began to flash before his eyes. He stated,

“[t]he question begged to be asked, am I going to die this afternoon? Is this really the end because it seemed so anti-climactic…I mean, EDM has not even happened yet.” He continues, “I sat down. Seeing people so distraught really affected me. It made it real. I prayed to see Naomi again, I prayed to see my girls again.”

Luckily, the airline’s team managed to put their emergency procedures into full effect! They successfully got everyone off of the plane and on shuttles to Reykjavik, where the passengers were “randomly hugging one another, smiling and laughing sharing their stories of what happened swapping bits of info.”

Although this was surely a traumatizing situation for Kaskade on his way to Iceland, and others, we think it’s wonderful that he shared this experience with his fanbase as it reminds us all to be grateful to be alive. Count your blessings, ravers. What are you thankful for?

Check out the Full Story Below:

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