Klas Bergling Talks About Mental Health and Avicii’s Legacy


CBS This Morning is doing a live special broadcast this Wednesday to tackle an issue in today’s society: mental health. “Stop the Stigma: A Conversation About Mental Health” is an attempt to stop the blame and shame around mental illness. Furthermore, the CBS team also dedicated some of their time to speak about Tim Bergling, whom most people know as Avicii. A reporter spoke with his father, Klas Bergling about the producer’s struggles with anxiety, touring life as a DJ, and the legacy he’s left on the music scene.

“[Remember him] as a good person. A good producer. He had a good heart.”

Klas Bergling

The Interview

In the interview, Klas Bergling explained how his son suffered from anxiety in his early high school years. Tim was open about his struggles, and they went to see a psychiatrist when he was 14. Although it seemed to have helped, his life hit the fast forward button as his stardom exploded at a relatively young age. His music became so popular that he toured all across the world, sometimes performing up to 250 shows a year. With a touring workload like that, it can be especially draining on your mental health; many DJs have mentioned how touring life can be lonely.

“The suicide came as a shock to all of us.”

Klas Bergling

After Tim quit the touring life in 2016, he tried to create a healthier lifestyle by exercising and focusing on what he loved to do: creating music. Unfortunately, less than two years later, Tim took his own life at 28-years old while on vacation in Oman. “The suicide came as a shock to all of us,” Klas said. “And we thought that he was really on a better way before.” Tim’s death shook the entire music scene with a hard lesson — a reminder to check up on your loved ones. The struggles that a person may be facing are not always apparent on the outside.

“You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Klas Bergling

Tim’s Legacy

Although we can’t have him physically here today, we can continue to live through his music and his legacy. The music he was working on before his death was congregated into a third album, TIM, which was released earlier this year. Additionally, a tribute concert in honor of the artist’s life is now in the works, scheduled for later this year. Proceeds from the album and the sold out concert are going to the Tim Bergling Foundation, dedicated to mental health awareness and suicide prevention. For fans who are struggling, Klas Bergling says, “You have to talk about it. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.”

The late artist has touched so many lives, and continues to touch many more with the legacy he’s left. Thank you for being such a presence in our lives, even to this day. We love you, Avicii.