Los Angeles Rams Use RL Grime Track For Promo Video


Los Angeles Rams are getting their team and fans hyped after their latest promotional video. The Rams used RL Grime’s heater of a track ‘Pressure’ to show off LA and the team. The track comes from RL Grime’s NOVA album last year.

Titled “Bring The Pressure,” the video starts out with some shots of LA. Some players begin to get phased in and out in a trippy fashion. Similar to the song’s music video, which will send you on a mind-bending journey, this promo has some nice visuals.

As the drop approaches, we get some pump-up speeches from some of the players. Finally, we are sent into the firey headbanging drop where we get highlights of some of the Ram’s best plays. I am sure after the players see this they will be bringing the pressure against any opponent. Watch out NFL, the powers of RL Grime have been bestowed onto the Rams!

You gotta check out the video for yourself below! If you want to see RL Grime live you can check out his tour here. Also stay tuned, as the 8th edition of his annual Halloween mix will be out soon. Expect to be spooked.