Notaker – From Dust & Ashes


Notaker – From Dust & Ashes

Notaker marks another release on Monstercat with his new single, ‘From Dust & Ashes‘. This comes after his own PATH.FINDER EP and partaking in Haywyre‘s Panorama:Discover remix EP. Moreover, the track showcases Notaker returning to his progressive sound.

“Returning back to the progressive sound always feels like I’m resurrecting an old part of my producer past. I think this one really encapsulates that old classic sound and feel of my production roots.”

Notaker also took to social media, saying how proud he is to share this track.

The Album

Starting off, ‘From Dust & Ashes’ rises with a light arpeggio which launches the track into its progressive elements. Lead by weighty plucks and snappy kicks, it immerses through movement created with pads and breaks. Getting to the breakdown, the track avails itself with a euphoric twist topped by a resonant pitched lead melody. From there, the track continues to build upon itself by adding and pulling elements diversifying the sound.

On another hand, Notaker has a wide array of releases between labels like Monstercat and and Mau5trap. His debut EP Genesis had one of its tracks, ‘Wake Up, You’re Dreamingfeatured in Rocket League. The artist is certainly continuing to make waves with his consistently impressive output and attention to detail. Beyond that, the world of Notaker maintains its immersive elements through the visual aspect portrayed throughout the project. Listen to the track for yourself down below!

Notaker – From Dust & Ashes