Patrice Bäumel Shares Must-Try Spots In Amsterdam Dance Event Guide


Less than one week away from Amsterdam Dance Event and you still don’t have your schedule fully set? No worries, Patrice Bäumel has it covered for you. The German DJ just shared on Facebook an ADE guide to finding the best spots in Amsterdam during ADE (or, really, whenever you’re visiting this incredible city).

This guide was made with the help of Patrice’s wife, Ramona, and features 11 categories. Note, however, that it is not ADE events oriented.

First, there’s food-related categories, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and takeout. The list has a total of 17 detailed recommendations. These add up to the 11 ones in the “Other good and special places” category.

You can discover Patrice Bäumel’s favorite brunch, salad bar, Hummus bistro, Italian place, Indonesian cuisine and Chinese restaurant. We see clearly that Baumel is a food lover, and most importantly someone you can trust when looking for recommendations.

The list goes on with 4 recommendations for bars and places for drinks. If you’re looking for a quintessentially Amsterdam pub or where to join the locals before hitting the clubs, this is the list for you.

In addition, the 4 pages long PDF includes other items related to Shopping, grocery stores, museums, and record stores. But in case you just want to take a break from ADE, Pat has it covered for you too.

Check out his guide for the full list.

Amsterdam is a liberal, open-minded place that encourages diversity, tolerance and equality. We welcome public displays of affection. We want to be a home for people of all sexual orientations, religious beliefs and world views. We treat women with respect. We want ADE to be a celebration of life and music for everybody.

Patrice Bäumel