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Q-Dance Announces 20th Birthday Event, “Dediqated”, For February 8th

Q-Dance will be celebrating its two-decade anniversary on February 8th, 2020. The Dutch company announced their birthday event, “Dediqated“, last Monday on social media through a long and passionate Facebook post. It’s a gathering intended for any and all hardstyle lovers, as they explain:

…If the rhythm of your life starts at 150 BPM, if you have been supporting us from the beginning or if you have just been welcomed into our world, if you bang the shit out of every harder styles release and are pushing your friends to do the same. If you’re always the first one in and last one out.

You can be anyone. It doesn’t matter if you work in an office, or come home covered in paint or dust, if you just turned 50, or aren’t even 21 yet. If you’re from a country where freedom is a sacred right, or if you are born in a place that still has long way to go. If you can feel the harder styles flowing through your veins, now and forever, knowing that your heart colours orange till the day you die.

Then you’re one with us and we are one with you.
Then you’re a Q-dancer in heart and mind.
Then…you are DEDIQATED.

One for all, all for the harder styles.

Q-Dance has been ruling the hardstyle music scene since its creation in 1999. This time, they will be taking over the GelreDome in Arnhem for a “once in a lifetime harder styles experience“, as Q-Dance calls it.

“Dediqated” will last 11 hours and will take place on a Saturday, from 12pm to 11pm. The lineup haven’t been revealed yet, but there is no doubt that it will live up to the expectations of such an iconic anniversary.

Tickets will go on sale on Saturday, October 26 at 1 pm (CEST). In order to get them, you should pre-register through this link.

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