Resistance Keeps 3 Days at Bayfront Megastructure as ASOT Gets Moved


Ultra announced today some exciting news for the techno fans. Resistance will be hosted at the Megastructure all 3 days once again. This comes after Carl Cox took over the stage completely for the first time last year.

Since 2011 the Carl Cox stage has been shared with A State Of Trance (ASOT). For as long as Ultra has been at Bayfront, ASOT had its Megastructure takeover on Sunday.

Ultra shared a huge adjustment just weeks ago for the 2020 return as well. The organizers are introducing something called The Cove. It means that Resistance will now occupy its own area in the area of the Megastructure and where UMF Radio used to sit.

Although this Megastructure announcement is wonderful to hear for almost all, many wonder what will be happening to ASOT. Perhaps Armin van Buuren’s curated stage will be moved to the Live Stage like in 2019 or get an entirely new solution. Both immediate options so far leave trance fans a bit concerned after a lackluster situation last year. On Ultra’s Instagram, however, there are more surprises on the way that could help them out!

Ultra will be taking place March 20th-22nd, 2020. Stay tuned for more news this offseason for Ultra news.