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San Holo Builds Home Studio for Disabled Airbnb Host

For many touring artists Airbnbs can feel like the closest thing to home. Oftentimes hosts don’t get the thanks and praise they deserve. That is unless San Holo is your Airbnb guest for the week.

The Holland native recently shared a video to his Twitter giving a small glimpse of the in-home studio him and his crew had put together. The caption mentions that it is for his Airbnb host Paul so that he “could get back into producing music”.

In the video, you can see a man in an electric wheelchair which is assumed to be Paul. Later in the day after the original Twitter post, San Holo tweeted a photo with the same man.

The kind gesture from San Holo, comes just two weeks after the one year anniversary of his debut albumalbum1“.

It’s safe to say if you end up with San Holo as your Airbnb guest you might end up with more than a thank you after the stay.

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