Top Ten Takeaways from Kaskade’s Reddit AMA


Fresh onto his REDUX003 Tour, American DJ and record producer Kaskade treated fans to a Reddit AMA today. As one of the most profound progressive house producers in the industry, Ryan Gary Raddon allowed fans to get an inside look at his recent music milestones. See below for the top ten takeaways from Kaskade’s October 2nd Reddit AMA.

1. The Deluxe version of ‘Redux 003’ drops Friday

“There are 18 original tracks on that EP with a deluxe version coming out FRIDAYYYYYY (WHOOOOOOOOP)!!! With 3 new songs and 2 new remixes”

2. He draws inspiration from his own life events

“Mainly I just write about things that have happened to me in my life. But I think dance music in general is a ‘feel good’ vibe and that comes out pretty easily with me when I write. So to put it simply I write about stuff I know or have gone through personally”

3. Lengthy live sets in the future seem unlikely

“I played 12 hours on NYE a few years back. I have had a number of sets in that 6 to 10 hour zone. Clubs used to be more set up for these kinds of experiences. Audiences too used to be more accustomed to this kid of show. I just feel like now that this idea is a bit lost on most people and certainly the majority of people that come to a Kaskade ‘concert’. I think in general the scene has changed a bit. Listen I know there are people out there doing 30 hour sets. I get it. I enjoy this stuff I just think it is not as prevalent as it used to be. So I do it less as well.”

4. On Sunsoaked cancellation

“Once it was canceled I was kind of living with this cloud over my head. It bothered me. I was depressed. I knew it was the right thing to do but not being able to execute to the level that I wanted… deal breaker. Yeah so where do we go from here?! I have already had MANY phone conversations trying to figure out next year. Lots to talk about and trying to figure it out before I commit to trying to do it again. I just don’t know at this point. Playing in San Diego with the sun going down was insane and all I can think about is Sunsoaked after that. I hope to bring it back but I am not sure. Let’s see.”

5. His favorite hardware for editing might be worth its own AMA

“I think we should do just a whole session on that. it is time to share some of my secrets. I regret that I don’t do it more. In the beginning I kept that stuff close to my chest in fear of people copying me – now I don’t care if they do.

6. The ‘Strobelight Seduction’ album holds a special place in his heart, similarly to most of his fans

“Strobelite has many memories and meaning attached to it for me as well. I am glad my music has been there for you. Strobelite Seduction equates to a difficult time in my life. My father suddenly and unexpectedly got sick while I was making that record and passed away shortly after it came out.”

7. No plans for a Christmas show this year

“But I have talked about this for a long time with the people around me – some kind of Orchestral unplugged kind of thing really would be beautiful but also take a few months of rehearsal and planing. so not this year. maybe next?!”

8. Slim chances for a Redux vinyl restock

“Crap man, sorry. Making vinyl sucks real bad. the whole process is slow and antiquated I think this is why I love it so much. no plans in the immediate to repress. but we are talking about doing a bunch of limited runs of some of my older records and making them available at the pop up shops. let’s see how it shakes out.”

9. His first big Redux show at CRSSD Festival on Sunday

“I thought it worked and I was really happy with how it went BUT I understand and sympathize with the people who want to keep redux small. I get it.”

10. On his relationship with his own music

” Sometimes when I am on stage and I play a song and a moment is happening I develop a new relationship with this song. create a new memory to something that already means a lot to me. and in that very moment I think… wow, I love this song I am happy it turned out so nicely. But then I go to bed and wake up and I am on to the next and I think nahhhh that can’t be my favorite. So it is this cycle. But yes on some days I appreciate hate some of my songs more than others… but picking a favorite. Impossible – it would have to change from time to time or moment to moment.”