Zedd Shuts Down Homophobe Hating on Couple’s Engagement at His Show


Zedd, or as we may know him now as Good Guy Zedd, had a heroic moment this weekend. During his show in Houston, a gay couple got engaged. It happened as soon as ‘Clarity‘ played. Now, for any fan, this song definitely has given us all the feels.

In the video below, you can witness the precious moment. Love is definitely love.

Zedd congratulated the couple on Twitter with the following heartfelt message:

“Awwwww congrats!!!!!! So happy for you guys and THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS DURING MY [SHOW]”.

I think we as electronic music lovers have all thought about a proposal during a song that resonates with us. Having it done at an event by the same artist, well it’s a dream come true. Retweets and comments soared with support for the happily engaged couple.

Though, like with all good things, there is always a hater. A homophobic comment surfaced and spoiled the moment. However, Zedd shut that comment down right quick.

Our society carries some that still think being open and having this kind of love is wrong. For anyone that does feel that way, you can heed the words of our Russian-German producer: GTFO.

Let’s recap Anton’s recent antics so far. He’s played at a rodeo, Tesla saved him, and now he’s a social media hero. All in all, he is a genuine guy. Touring all over the world with some of the world’s top artists in the EDM and Pop music world, he shows no signs of stopping.

He started as a little boy with love for music and is now one of the biggest names in music. If he isn’t chart topping, he is heart stopping. His ORBIT tour continues across the US and shortly after to Europe.

Is there a song that you would want to get engaged to? If so, what would that be? Let us know! I think it warms all artists’ hearts to have something like this happen at their show.

Good luck and congrats to the newly couple!