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1788-L Releases Remix of Halloween Theme Song

Are you ready for a twist on Michael Myers’ Halloween theme song? 1788-L has delivered just that. The DJ/producer released a remix of the song, mixing his signature heavy bass with the familiar spooky tunes everyone knows and loves.

The track starts off with the sound of eerie beats and machine beeping. Ghoulish piano keys build up to the warning signal of Michael Myers escaping incarceration. All of a sudden, the recognizable Halloween theme song comes on, and 1788-L destroys us with a heavy bass drop.

This Halloween, 1788-L performed at Bassmnt Nightclub in San Diego. His friends will be joining him, including female producer and DJ Ducky. 1788-L is also scheduled to play the main stage at Hard Day of the Dead festival this Saturday, November 2nd. Be sure to catch him play if you’ll be in Southern California – he might just drop this Halloween remix.

Check out the song down below!

Anika Anderson
Anika Anderson
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