Apple Plans to Provide Music to Stores with “Apple Music for Business’

Apple Music For Business

As expected, Apple Music is partnering with retail businesses, which will allow companies to stream music in their stores. Apple has been testing the new feature for some time now and feels it’s ready for the next step. In their partnership with PlayNetwork, interested businesses will be able to sign up for specific Apple Music Business Plans. In doing so, the business will receive licensed music to play at their locations.

Compared to setting up a basic streaming account like Spotify or even the radio to a store’s speaker system, ‘Apple Music for Business’, will provide stores custom-curated playlists. For example, the iconic Harrods department store in London, England, began using Apple Music for Business just recently. It’s reported that their custom playlist included a mix of electronic, classical, and ambient music.

“This revolutionary service combines world-class music curation, proprietary technology, and easy-to-use tools to let customers listen to, share, and enjoy the music your brand plays…”

In today’s age, both employees and customers do not want to listen to radio advertisements or the same songs on repeat all day. Successful businesses want to create a welcoming and comfortable environment where shoppers want to be. Additionally, it’s reported that consumer streaming licensing terms do not allow the playing of music in commercial centers. Due to this, Apple Music for Businesses will allow stores to safely and legally play music on their property.

Stores that choose to take advantage of these new plans will receive custom playlists from Apple. These unique playlists will fit the theme of the store. In terms of price, it is believed that the business plans will go for about $24-$35 a month. An official price was not released, so interested stores should contact Apple directly.

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