Atlantic Connection drops Euphoria-inspired album Alkaloids


We may have to wait until next year to get another season of HBO’s breakout series ‘Euphoria,’ but under his PRODBYAC moniker, drum and bass artist Atlantic Connection has dropped a full album that’s inspired by the popular Drake-produced show. The Alkaloids LP sounds great from start to finish even if you haven’t watched the show. But honestly, the album transforms when you listen to it as a fan of the series.

Starting off with “54321”, the track lives in an icy mystical space with melodic cool keys in the intro that get cut off by a deep sub bass in the trap beat. “Wasted” is up next giving us a dark mid range bass over claps, a shuffle, and broken beat. “Night Hawk Down,” “Class Act,” “Swedish Fish” and “Are You” sound like they were plucked directly from scenes with Jules and Rue but even with the album being a nod to the ‘Euphoria’ soundtrack, tracks on Alkaloids like “Fuckin Felon,”Tides 2020,” manaage to have the same soulful style that Atlantic Connection has become known for in the drum and bass world.

Alkaloids does a great job of evoking the dark elements of the series by adding minor keys and chilled out drum kits to danceable grooves. But the catchy, radio-ready lyrics in the singles “54321” and “Wasted” make this brooding album POP [friendly] too!

Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, check out Alkaloids by Atlantic Connection – it will totally tide you over until season two in 2020.