Audien Releases Escapism and Announces Album Tour


A while back, Audien teased an album release date. Now, the album, ‘Escapism‘, is officially releasing today and we could not be more excited. This album comes as huge news for progressive house lovers and fans all over. Here’s the tracklist in full:

  1. See You On The Other Side
  2. Reach (feat. Jamie Hartman)
  3. Escape (with Nomra)
  4. Buzzing (with Nevve)
  5. Favorite Sound (with Echosmith)
  6. Over It
  7. Heaven (feat. Maty Noyes)
  8. Dreams (with Axis)
  9. Something Greater Interlude (with Cerulean)
  10. Rollercoaster (feat. Liam O’Donnell)
  11. Sleep Paralysis (with Cignature)

my very first album comes out friday, here’s the tracklist ?

Posted by Audien on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Overall, this album has shaped up to be a very solid record. We can see that Audien is straying away from collaborating with “expected” artists and shining light on new talent. This shows character into who he is as an artist, always willing to learn new techniques to evolve his music.

Apart from a new album, Audien is going back on tour as well. This North American tour kicks off in Chicago, Illinois with a special stop in Toronto, Ontario. It’s important to note this is the only show outside of the U.S. Of course, there’s a Los Angeles and San Francisco stop on the tour. You can get your tickets for the tour by clicking here.

audien escapism tour
Audien Escapism Tour

Being a progressive house fan, I personally can not be more happy with this album. Once again, ‘Escapism‘ is out now and we progressive house fans are rejoicing! The genre is alive and well in 2019 going onward. Take a listen to the full album below now!