Breathe Carolina Redefine Themselves With DEADTHEALBUM


Oh, nostalgia at its finest. If you’re like me, your younger emo/scene self is probably screaming because Breathe Carolina is back. Finally, after five years since their last album Savages, fans are getting their newest LP, DEADTHEALBUM. Out via Spinnin’ Records/Big Beat Records last Friday, the project features a chiller vibe compared to previous releases.

Breathe Carolina has released very different music over the years, which is probably accounted to the various member changes they’ve had during its existence. Producers David Schmitt and Tommy Cooperman now comprise the duo, who have been working together since 2013.

Since the group started in 2007, Breathe Carolina has been known for their electronic beats, but have always constituted a more punk rock vibe in the past. Compared to their earlier albums, DEADTHEALBUM gives off a more chillax electropop sound. While bringing in their punk roots and also taking inspiration from today’s electronic music scene, they have mixed the two to create a very unique sound for their 10-track LP. Per Spinnin’ Records’ website, the duo announced:

“This album to us is really a joining of our two worlds, since we both come from punk rock backgrounds. When we first started writing, it was just one song that had this new energy with David singing again. We felt a vibe and rolled with it. These 10 tracks are the only songs that were written for this album. We felt what we felt, wrote it down in song form and that became DEADTHEALBUM.”

-Breathe Carolina, Spinnin’ Records

Now, let the nostalgia set in. Be sure to check out the duo’s new sound down below.