Bumbershoot Announces 2020 Return


The Seattle-based music festival Bumbershoot is returning in 2020!

News of the return came this week with an announcement on the festival’s website from One Reel. One Reel is the local arts organization responsible for producing Bumbershoot since 1995. However, AEG Presents had been the festival’s lead organizer for the past five years, until deciding to not renew its contract.

AEG Presents took over as lead organizer in 2015, helping the festival that had amassed more than $900,000 in debt. AEG Presents’ exit and a festival barricade collapse this year left the festival’s future uncertain.

One Reel’s Bumbershoot announcement didn’t give many details for 2020 but shared its hopes for the new year.

“Everyone at One Reel is excited to usher in a new era for Bumbershoot that embraces the festival’s long legacy of multi- generational programming and community participation,” the website reads.

One Reel is working with the City of Seattle and Seattle Center to create a new model for the festival. The new model looks to honor the festival’s origin while ensuring its sustainability.

Lastly, the website states there will be plenty of updates in the coming weeks. Updates should be available on Bumbershoot’s social media and you can sign up for email updates on the website.

Bumbershoot 2020 will take place Labor Day weekend, Sept. 4-6.