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Destructo Delivers Sweltering House Banger ‘Twisted’

Destructo – Twisted

2019 has been a massive year for the patriarch of ALL MY FRIENDS Gary Richards aka Destructo. With just a couple of months ahead of AMF’s Friendship 2020 cruise, Destructo delivers his latest track, ‘Twisted‘. This is a track that will surely summon life to any dancefloor with its dark, soulful, and catchy beats. From the depths of his phenomenal continuation of gritty bass house sounds, Destructo’s ‘Twisted’ will certainly be any G-House lovers’ newest addiction.

‘Twisted’ begins on an ominous, breathy bass note that leads us to a cauldron where four-on-the-floor ingredients are brewing together. The infusing elements of heavy kicks alongside snare rolls and a cymbal riser draws us further into the track. The track continues its sultry build-up, followed by a lean, mean rap vocal that takes us into the massive drop. If Destructo and his squad were to ever crash your party, this would definitely be the theme song for it. The drop presents a provocative bassline paired with classic G-House synths and plucks. Long synth notes grace the breakdown paired with a sweltering 808 beat. Overall, ‘Twisted’ is an intoxicating track that irrefutably pumps swag.

On his twitter, Destructo announces his latest release for ‘Twisted’ with some other great news. As the head of ALL MY FRIENDS, Gary Richards has thrown some amazing parties thus far this year. Friendship 2020 is coming up in a couple of months. Gary has also hinted that he’ll have some new “2020 Party Dates” coming soon.

Destructo – Twisted

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