Ekali Receives Plaque on Production for Drake


Ekali received a double platinum plaque for his contribution to Drake’s mixtape in 2015, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Drake had sampled Ekali’s “Unfaith” in the songs “Preach” and “Wednesday Night Interlude” from the mixtape album. It’s still unclear how Drake stumbled upon “Unfaith” but certainly no one’s complaining.

Ekali merely woke up one morning with an email that Drake had sampled “Unfaith” and was trying to get the sample cleared for release. He agreed, and the rest is history following that. Since then, Ekali has cleared up any misunderstanding of crediting on the song and had an indirect co-sign from Drake.

Although it may be a bummer that the plaque isn’t for his own track, Ekali has the opportunity to change that with his upcoming album.

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