[Event Review] Louis The Child Put on an Unforgettable Show

Louis the child here for now

Louis The Child stopped by Montreal on their ‘Here For Now‘ tour, and it’s undoubtedly a memorable experience. In terms of opening slots, the duo brought out SEBASTIAN PAUL and Léon. Taking place, the event was in MTELUS, and it told out. Dating back, Louis The Child played in Montreal on their ‘Last To Leave’ tour on the grounds of Corona Theatre. Being a smaller show, it was pleasant to see just how much their fan-base grew as well as the production.

Kicking off the show, Sebastian had a guitarist playing alongside him performing approximately a 30 minute set. Albeit a short introduction, there were many fans already present to catch him.


Following, the Swedish singer Léon took the stage with her infectious energy and often bubbly tracks. By the time the performance started, the venue began packing with fans. Clearly, a good number of people were there to specifically see her as she played a lengthy set sure to satisfy.


Luckily, Louis The Child played a hearty live set inclusive of most of their repertoire. Looking back on their previous performances, the duo massively kicked up the live aspects of the show alongside the stage production. On the set-up front, they had drum machines, pads, and a midi controller as they get more involved.

On the visual front, the show went above and beyond progressing throughout the night. Beginning, the screen and lights bounced in harmony starting off the experience. Moving forward, lazers came into play with a colorful presentation, including a vertical cage. It doesn’t end there as light orbs suspended on the ceiling dropped downwards bouncing in harmony to the music. Overall, the progression kept the audience gripped and the show never skipped a beat.

On the other critical end, there was a mass of musical edits to tracks we were familiar with. While that was the case, they retained the heart which made them enjoyable.

Encompassing the experience was an important overarching theme, love and living in the moment. ‘Here For Now’ marks a moment in time to be able to show passionate about what’s present. Freddy himself took the mic towards the end of the show exclaiming on the importance and value of that idea. It was rather clear how that message slept in the crevices of the show. We even got quotes a couple of times, with a particular one from Kendrick Lamar standing out.

We are put on earth…to love

Kendrick Lamar

Finally, capturing what it all meant, there was no match to closing the night out with ‘Better Not‘ featuring Wafia.

Don’t miss out on Louis The Child’s Here For Now tour, it’s worthwhile. To catch it, you can find the dates and get your tickets on their website here.

Photos taken by: Victoria Ly