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[Event Review] Louis The Child Take Over Terminal 5 For The Weekend

For three straight nights, Louis The Child rocked New Yorkers at sold-out Terminal 5. They have currently been on a massive ‘Here For Now’ tour that has stopped all over the U.S. The Chicago based duo has had a remarkable rise in the dance music scene over the past few years. ‘It’s Strange’ spiked their popularity in both the pop and EDM worlds. They have had some impressive collaborations including tracks with Quinn XCII and Wafia. Their live shows are must-see; they are able to go beyond the decks and incorporate many live elements that pull in the crowd.

The Venue

Terminal 5 is a must if you are looking to see a show in NYC. It offers the best of both worlds. A wide-open dance floor to fit all of your friends and dance moves; and two stories with balconies that have a more chill vibe to it.  The stage is big enough to allow superb production. If you are looking for the shortest bathroom lines (which is hard to come by), I would recommend the 3rd floor. Terminal 5 has attracted the biggest names in dance music and Louis The Child served the venue well.


Swedish singer Léon was the main support. Her beautiful voice along with her luminous energy got the crowd ready to go. She played all of the hits the people wanted including ‘Surround Me’ and ‘I Believe In Us.’ She has an incredible ability to evoke a pop sound while keeping a classic tone. This year she released her debut album LÉON which received acclaimed reviews.

Louis The Child

Louis The Child (Robby Hauldren and Frederic Kennett) know how to turn up a crowd. They have the pure ability to balance their signature sounds of relaxed beats with more pumped up electronic-pop tracks. The duo brought out all the tricks for their three-night extravaganza. They had a myriad of dazzling lasers that would both point at the crowd and come down from the ceiling.

The massive LED balls that streamed across the top of the stage added to the awesome setup. They would even at times move to the beat of the track. And when ‘It’s Strange’ played, nothing felt better than to embrace the visuals with the music.

The duo brought out a countless number of singers to play their collaborations. Drew Love showed off their track ‘Free.’ To close the night out Wafia came on stage to sing Louis The Child’s biggest track ‘Better Not.’ The crowd loved it and everyone went home in happy spirits.

The duo is still on tour and if you get the chance, you have to go!

Drew Barkin
Drew Barkin
Dance music is one of my biggest passions and I love to write about it. Feel free to email me any EDM-related news/music at drewbarkin@gmail.com. I am based out of NY for event coverage too.
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