Facebook’s Dark Mode Is Beginning to Appear on Android


While Facebook is fresh off announcing their Aux Music app, they seem to be up to some new updates too. Facebook is developing a dark mode on Android. Users are reporting a new dark mode theme is appearing on their Android devices. Android Police is reporting it should be sticking around and expanding to more users devices soon.

facebook android

Facebook was also caught testing a dark mode for messenger. While initially teasing the feature in October, it had a soft launch. Now the feature is widely available. To add the dark mode, toggle to the menu on iOS and Android and send a crescent moon emoji to someone. That’ll result in an animation with a bunch of moons falling down the screen. Dark mode will then be unlocked in your settings.

facebook android

As Facebook has been¬†working on a dark theme for a while, other apps such as WhatsApp still haven’t launched a dark theme. Hopefully an official rollout for the Facebook dark theme feature for Android users won’t be too far out.