Gammer Sat Down to Talk About Life + New Single


The UK producer/DJ, Gammer, took some time to sit down with us for an interview. I absolutely love Gammer and am very grateful I got this opportunity. In this interview, you can find some insight into his personal life as well as stuff going on in his music life. In addition, he just released a brand new record titled ‘Brostep Strikes Back‘, out now on Monstercat. This new record brings out the bass side of Gammer and it’s one fans will surely love. Anyway, here are some of the burning questions I asked him. You might love his answers and you might laugh at them.

You just released ‘Brostep Strikes Back’. Tell us about it.

“It’s a call back to those earlier days, and dubstep when it was fun screeches and melodies over who can sound design the hardest. I mean, it’s a strictly dance-floor song, you know? It’s kind of obnoxiously loud and simple, but I wanted something to create that ‘whoa wtf’ moment in my live sets.” (There’s nobody better than the producer himself to describe his latest record. You can listen to the new tune by clicking here.)

gammer - brostep strikes back
Gammer – Brostep Strikes Back

What are you up to tour-wise right now?

“I’m currently on the Monstercat Uncaged Tour across North America with Tokyo Machine and RIOT. It all ends with my headline show at the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday, December 14th. Please buy my tickets, otherwise I can’t feed my kids.” (We know Gammer is a family man and that’s the most important thing in life. You can get tickets to his show at the Hollywood Palladium featuring YehMe2 by clicking right here.)

‘THE DROP’ was arguably one of the biggest songs of 2017. It also dominated the festival circuit in 2018. How did that make you feel? Did that track’s popularity influence your sound evolution or was it more of a one-time thing?

“I mean, it felt amazing! Coming from a tiny, underground-based U.K. dance scene, I never even fathomed I’d have a song get played at a major festival – let alone dominate one. It kind of spun me though. I spent the following years desperately trying to ‘cling’ to that sound and let it define me. I lost my way, had a mental breakdown or two before realizing I’m just out here to make fun rave sh*t instead of trying to chase numbers.”

Can you give any insight as to why the iconic Gammer B2B Darren Styles sets are extremely rare nowadays?

“Yes”. (Yes, you’re reading that right. Classic troll Gammer. I guess he wants to be cryptic about it and that’s completely fine. All we can hope for is that we see one of these sets in the near future once more. But you know what? I’m bringing this picture back because Gammer wanted to be a funny guy.)

DJ Gammer; circa 1864 (colorized)

In the past, you’ve opened up about mental health on Twitter and other platforms. What advice can you give to any artists struggling with mental health problems?

“Talk about it. Like actually talk about it. Avoid the cryptic tweets and rants. Call your mum, call your friends, speak to your doctor. If it’s possible, get a therapist. Share with your loved ones. I know it can be hard when you feel like “oh no one wants to hear my problems,” but that’s your depression just trying to keep you safe and protect you.” (This can be very helpful to not just artists, but everybody in general. Also, here’s a list of things Gammer recommends.)

– Talk to people
– Eat well
– Read more
– Meditate (Headspace App is wonderful)
– Move more (I sometimes go to my friends house and walk her dog when I’m feeling low, works wonders)
– Stay off social media (you’re not missing out)
– Put the phone down (you’re not missing out)
– Go out and do stuff with your friends. It’s a proven fact that creating memories and experiences, no matter how simple, will have a long-lasting positive impact. I always make a point of trying to meet a friend for coffee on my off days.

Personally, this was my favorite answer. Please reach out to someone if you ever feel like there’s no way out. Gammer said it perfectly. You are not alone. You don’t have to go through life alone and your feelings/problems are valid. Take this list and try some things out if you need to.

How important to you was your break from touring you took earlier this year starting back in April?

“Super important. I had a massive burnout last year and it had a lasting effect on me, hence why I had to take more time in April. During that time, I didn’t work nor binge on TV and video games. I focused on myself, self-care and spending time with my family. Now I’m back full steam. Self-care is so important.”

In Conclusion

This question ends my interview with Gammer. In conclusion, Gammer is still a troll, he’s on tour right now and you can go see him at any of the dates down below, and he just released his brand new banger of a record, ‘Brostep Strikes Back’. Also, Seeing an established producer be vulnerable and open up about life outside of music is a beautiful thing to see. It’s a reminder that your favorite artist is just a human too. They go through normal human emotions just like me and you, the reader. So, be nice to DJs. They work their butts off to please fans and sometimes they need breaks too. Finally, a special thank you to Gammer for taking the time to answer these questions.

Gammer – Brostep Strikes Back

gammer - monstercat uncaged tour dates
Monstercat Uncaged Tour dates