Hawaii Introduces New E Komo Mai Music Festival


Hawaii has alway been known for being a destination vacation but now a new music festival just might make your next visit to Hawaii more memorable. The new music festival is called E Komo Mai is set to take place in February of next year. In the rave culture the idea of unity is a valued virtue that many strive to achieve which is why Hawaii makes the best location for this upcoming festival. As some of you may know, the importance of family and friends, otherwise called ‘Ohana’ is a valued virtue in Hawaii which makes the entire experience more authentic.

The E Komo Mai music festival is scheduled to take place from February 14th to the 17th of next year at Oahu in Hawaii. The festival will feature music from artists including DJ Dan, Doc Martin, Kill Frenzy, Mikey Lion, Sacha Robotti, and more that have yet to be announced. The music festival will take place at a warehouse that will be transformed into nocturnal jungle with each night to promote a different Hawaiian theme. Tickets are available now and there are a few different types of tickets. Pre-sale is currently available for $199 before fees. There are also VIP tickets available for $349 that includes backstage and VIP area access at every event throughout the 4-day festival. Lastly, there is a ticket/hotel bundle package that will include stay at The Queen Kapiolani Hotel throughout the duration of the festival. Secure your tickets here now and experience Hawaii like never before!