Ja Rule Cleared of Wrongdoing in $100 Million Fyre Festival Lawsuit


Earlier this week, Ja Rule was legally cleared of any wrongdoing in the Fyre Festival fiasco from 2017. The judge overseeing the case had dropped Ja’s name from the $100 million lawsuit after ruling that the co-founder of the ill-fated festival was unaware of details leading to the festival’s downfall.

The ruling comes a year after the court had sentenced Billy McFarland to a six-year jail term, marking a stark divergence of fate between the co-founders. McFarland was charged on multiple counts of fraud, with Fyre Festival being just one of them.

Fyre Festival Co-founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland
Fyre Festival Co-founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland

Here’s a quick look at other executives previously involved with Fyre Festival. Event producer Andy King had this year signed a talent deal with Spoke Studios. A TV series featuring King himself is supposedly in the works. Meanwhile, Elliot Tebele, who did the advertising for Fyre, continues to dabble in the world of music festivals and parties. Last year, he launched JAJA, a premium tequila that became the official spirit of Revolve Festival, one of the most exclusive parties at Coachella.

Back to the good news for Ja though! Could this be the green light for him to kickstart plans for his next festival? Just last month, the 43-year-old rapper had revealed on The Wendy Williams Show his interest in creating another music festival. Ja that Fyre Festival was a result of an unfortunate combination of “bad situations and wrong partners“, but was fundamentally “a dope idea”. He believes that with the right partners, things would be different.